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Cloud Security

Welcome IBM® QRadar® QVM Customers

We look forward to helping you transition to an all-in-one Vulnerability Management program (VMDR) that allows you to automatically create an always up-to-date Global Asset inventory, identify unknown devices that connect to your network, dynamically create and maintain asset groups, identify in real time vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, and prioritize their remediation or mitigation. In essence, a program that helps you manage the lifecycle of assets from discovery to remediation across a hybrid environment from on-prem, cloud, containers, IoT/OT and many more that provide unprecedented visibility into your QRadar Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution.

A Comprehensive, Easy to Deploy Solution

Usually, you need multiple costly solutions for such a comprehensive program. However, as you can see for yourself through our unlimited-asset, 60-day free trial, you can easily deploy the Qualys solution across your entire infrastructure, discover unmanaged assets, and quickly remediate vulnerabilities with the click of a button without having to worry about maintaining software updates. You will also find our integration with QRadar straightforward, easy to install, and you don’t need to worry about keeping it updated.

The Qualys VMDR Integration Makes QRadar SIEM More Powerful

Because Qualys VMDR provides you with an always up-to-date view of your global IT asset inventory and comprehensive telemetry, you do not need to get information from outside solutions. The enriched telemetry provides your QRadar SIEM solution with unprecedented visibility that allows you to drastically reduce “alert fatigue” by decreasing false positives and providing instant access information to your analysts.

Prioritize Offenses

Enrich your existing SIEM events in a timely manner with near real-time data from Qualys Cloud Agents, and prioritize offenses by syncing and storing all vulnerability detections directly against the assets in QRadar. Provide complete vulnerability context for security operations teams including alerting and automation.

Qualys QRadar App

Visualize your network IT assets and vulnerabilities, misconfigurations in real time, and handle remediations all from a single integrated dashboard. The app also includes native integration with QRadar on Cloud (QROC).

IBM X-Force Red Advantage

Qualys has partnered with IBM X-Force Red to automate vulnerability scanning, prioritization and patching. This partnership delivers a full-lifecycle vulnerability management solution using the Enterprise TruRisk Platform and includes support for Qualys Web Application Scanning (WAS).

“Based on our many conversations with security leaders, prioritizing and remediating vulnerabilities seems to be the biggest vulnerability management headache,” said Charles Henderson, Global Head of X-Force Red. “Qualys has released a patch management platform that automates patching with a click of a button. X-Force Red has created an algorithm that automatically prioritizes vulnerabilities within minutes. By integrating our solutions, we can offer organizations fast, effective and manageable remediation no matter how limited their resources and time.”

Qualys Vulnerability and Asset Information in QRadar

Qualys Knowledgebase Visibility in QRadar

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Overview of Qualys VMDR

Modern IT infrastructures are constantly changing with asset lifespans covering a few minutes to years. Securing these assets requires a solution that not only detects vulnerabilities as they spin up in a CI/CD DevOps pipeline or when deployed in the cloud or on-prem, but also patches them quickly at scale when new vulnerabilities are discovered. Qualys VMDR delivers this and provides you with:

Easy Deployment

Qualys VMDR is quickly deployed using agents, agentless technology and API’s. Once deployed, it self-updates so that your deployment is never out of date.

Highly Scalable Architecture

The platform is built from the ground up with a multi-layered architecture leveraging modern technologies that scale. It supports 40+ million cloud agents, 5+ billion IP scan/audits, and handles more than 9 petabytes of data, indexing more than 7 trillion data points.

All-Inclusive Comprehensive Sensors

Deploy sensors wherever your assets are - in the cloud, containers, on-prem, mobile, IoT/OT, agent-based or agentless or bake them into your CI/CD pipeline to get a unified picture of your organization-wide VM program.

Unprecedented Scalability of Qualys Cloud Agents

Provides real-time vulnerability scanning for QRadar customers. Qualys now has more than 50 million cloud agents deployed across 15,000 customers worldwide, with 70% of the Fortune 100 and 25% of the Global 2,000.

All-In-One Solution

Vulnerability Management, Detection, and Response all in a single solution. Identify assets across hybrid environments; automatically prioritize vulnerabilities and misconfigurations that pose the greatest risk using advanced correlation and machine learning; and globally deploy the most relevant patches instantly.

Qualys Unified View of Vulnerability Risk Management

60-Day, Free Service for Unlimited Assets Including Patch Deployment for IBM QVM customers

To assist QVM customers in the migration, Qualys is providing IBM QRadar QVM customers a free service for 60 days for unlimited assets including patch deployment.