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Welcome IBM QRadar QVM customers!

Transitioning from QRadar QVM? We can help you.

We look forward to helping you transition from QRadar to an all-in-one Vulnerability Management program (VMDR®) that allows you to automatically create an always up-to-date Global Asset inventory, identify unknown devices that connect to your network, dynamically create and maintain asset groups, identify in real time vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, and prioritize their remediation or mitigation.

The Qualys VMDR Integration Makes QRadar SIEM More Powerful

Qualys VMDR provides you with an always up-to-date view of your Global IT asset inventory and comprehensive telemetry, which means you don’t need information from outside solutions. This telemetry provides your QRadar SIEM solution with unprecedented visibility that allows you to drastically reduce “alert fatigue” by decreasing false positives and providing your analysts with instant access to information.

  • Prioritize Offenses: Enrich your existing SIEM events with near real-time data from Qualys Cloud Agents and prioritize offenses by syncing and storing all vulnerability detections directly against the assets in QRadar. Provide complete vulnerability context for security operations teams including alerting and automation.
  • Qualys QRadar App: Visualize your network IT assets and vulnerabilities, misconfigurations in real time, and handle remediations all from a single integrated dashboard. You also get native integration with QRadar on Cloud (QROC) via the app.

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