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Why Qualys?

Prevent, detect and respond to threats. Get full visibility and control the security of your on-premises and Google Cloud Platform resources.

Qualys is the market leader in vulnerability management and trusted by the majority of the Forbes Global 100.

Fix your vulnerabilities using Qualys, inside Google Cloud Platform.

Qualys is a pioneer in Cloud Computing and uniquely experienced to secure other cloud platforms.

Works across all environments – whether on premises, endpoints or cloud environments such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon and others.

Qualys consolidates 10 enterprise security and compliance solutions and drastically reduces your TCO.

Integration with Google Cloud Platform

Our Google partnership lets you use the Qualys Cloud Platform to gain a continuous, integrated view of the security and compliance posture of your Google Cloud Platform instances along with all other IT environments.

Qualys' native integration with Google Cloud Platform allows you to:

Identify, classify and monitor assets and vulnerabilities

Prioritize their remediation

Comply with internal and external policies

Automatically find and eradicate malware infections on your websites

Virtual Scanner Appliance


The Virtual Scanner Appliance for Google Cloud Platform, available in Google Cloud Platform Launcher, enables Qualys scanning of Google Cloud Platform virtual machines. It provides the same capabilities as our regular scanner appliance and supports all Google Cloud Platform commercial regions and a selection of compute instance sizes.

The virtual scanner appliance for Google Cloud Platform is a stateless resource which acts as an extension of the Qualys Cloud Platform and is not a separately managed entity.

Cloud Agents

Qualys Cloud

Qualys Cloud Agents are lightweight and can be deployed on your GCE virtual machines directly or embedded at the source, into the Images. With our Cloud Agents, you can perform vulnerability management and policy compliance in real time, eliminating the need to schedule scan windows or manage credentials for scanning.

Perimeter Scanning

All Public and Elastic IP addresses and public URLs may be targeted using Qualys Internet Remote Scanners, deployed in Qualys data centers and available as part of standard Qualys services.

See deployment details in the Help Center for Google Cloud Platform.

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