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NopSec Unified VRM provides Qualys customers with a vulnerability risk management and remediation solution, enabling security and IT teams to work more efficiently to protect enterprises from fast evolving threats using the power of context enriched analytics.

Unified VRM combines advanced analytical methods and real-world contextual factors to deliver a prioritized workflow that drives effective remediation with measurable business impact.

The Unified VRM Scan Import Wizard quickly transfers Qualys vulnerability scan results and asset configurations into Unified VRM, where the data is then validated, correlated and prioritized to improve remediation efforts. Business and technical users can quickly leverage Unified VRM’s free-form search analytics to proactively manage vulnerabilities across their server and application stacks or leverage dashboards and custom reports for cross-functional action -- all designed to lower risk and improve operational efficiency.

Drive Remediation With Context Enriched Prioritization

In a world with limited resources, influencing your cross functional partners to actively reduce risk posture begins with establishing prioritized remediation strategies based on what matters most for the organization. Using a single interface, security teams can forecast the risk reduction of a given remediation task based on real world context, and Unified VRM’s asset classification model, ensuring that cross functional partners understand both the “what” and the “why”.

Yop 10 Vulnerable Platforms and Attack Vectors

Your Top 10 Vulnerable Platforms and Attack Vectors

Leverage Free Form Analytics for Ad-Hoc Investigative Workflow

Your manager calls you and wants to understand your company’s exposure to a new vulnerability. Running a report will take time and consume precious cycles while the management team waits for a risk forecast. Fortunately, Unified VRM supports Free Text Search either by keyword or phrase, with additional context filtering available at the click of a button to make sure you look like a hero. Results are available in near real time, enabling you to pivot through mountains of data until you get the answers you need.

Free Form Search Analytics

Free Form Search Analytics

Deliver Rich and Meaningful Updates to Your Management Team

A picture says a thousand words, and Unified Dashboards provides an easy to understand view of your Risk Posture, Vulnerabilities, and Remediation Tickets, allowing you to visualize the state of your entire remediation lifecycle. Complimentary to the Dashboards, you can generate Reports with Unified VRM using out of the box report templates, or customize your own report to provide insightful updates with just the right level of details.

Monthly and Quarterly Progress Dashboards

Monthly and Quarterly Progress Dashboards

How it Works

Unified VRM can import Qualys vulnerability scan results and assets configurations on a recurring basis using the Scan Import Wizard. Once the scan data is imported, the Unified VRM context enrichment engine sanitizes the results, correlates those results with real-time threat intelligence, and transforms the scan data into a rich set of visualizations and workspaces, enabling security teams to harness the power of context enriched analytics to drive more efficient communication and collaboration with internal cross-functional partners.

Unified VRM manages the complete remediation lifecycle automatically, and enables Security, IT Operations and Development teams to collaborate so that they can quickly remediate security weaknesses and deploy fixes. Together with Qualys, Unified VRM is changing the vulnerability management dynamic into one that dramatically improves team collaboration and operational efficiency, and reduces the risk to your business.

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