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Qualys Express Lite - An All-in-One Cloud Compliance Solution for Your Small Business

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As a small business owner, you should be concerned about hackers because your business is a prime target for internet attacks.

Often, small businesses faces many challenges before achieving success. You are responsible for everything — from IP scanning to regulation compliance. This can be an overwhelming burden, especially when addressing a technical challenge like cybersecurity.

Qualys Express Lite is a cloud-based suite of security and compliance solutions for small businesses with limited budget and staff.

Consider these statistics:

  • Half of all small businesses have been victims (National Small Business Administration)
  • 71% of attacks hit businesses with under 100 employees (Verizon Business)
  • Last year, the average data breach cost a small business $20,752– up from $8,600 in 2013 (NSBA)
  • 60% of small businesses breached close in six months (National Cyber Security Alliance)

Start a free trial today and see how the Qualys Express Lite can help you identify your cyber vulnerabilities and stop attacks before the damage occurs.