HIPAA Compliance Program

Qualys Vulnerability Management Provides Automated Healthcare Security and Policy Compliance

HIPAA compliance is a fact of life in the Healthcare industry. It affects medical-related organizations of all sizes, including commercial enterprises, government agencies, and public-sector entities. At it's heart, compliance mostly concerns obeying laws and regulations, especially regarding use of IT.

All healthcare organizations in the United States that stores, processes, or transmits personal health information is required to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and safeguard all patient data. 

Qualys Policy Compliance provides an automated agent-free method to fulfill requirements of policy compliance. The solution identifies misconfigurations on business systems, tracks exceptions, and produces reports necessary to meet compliance requirements.

With Qualys Policy Compliance (PC), you can rely on these key benefits:

Expand assessment beyond the OS to include applications, databases, and network devices

A cost-effective and scalable way to cover your entire infrastructure

Common audit frameworks and mandate-based policies

Ticketing and reporting done automatically for efficient risk reduction

• Select host and app settings to check for each policy

Start your free trial today and see why Qualys is an ideal solution for helping you with HIPAA compliance program rules.

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