Cloud Security for Enterprise

Continuous Monitoring Keeps Cyber Thieves at Bay

Enterprises need a comprehensive and up-to-date view of their entire IT network to protect themselves from cyber attacks. Innovative cloud security solutions like Qualys Continuous Monitoring can detect unexpected changes in the network, and immediately notify IT staff so they can take appropriate action. 

Qualys Continuous Monitoring is a next-generation cloud service that watches your network for threats and unexpected changes, before they turn into data breaches. 

Qualys Continuous Monitoring checks:

  • Hosts & Devices – See whenever systems appear, disappear, or are running unexpected operating systems
  • Digital Certifications - Track SSL certificates to know if they are weak or self-signed, and when they’re due to expire
  • Ports & Services - Know which network ports are open, which protocols are used, and whether they change over time
  • Vulnerabilities in Hosts or in AppsKnow when vulnerabilities appear (or reappear), how severe they are, whether they can be exploited, and if patches are available

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