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Detect Security Threats Before They Become Data Breaches

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A small business needs data breach notification as soon as possible. Any data breach can ruin an SMB that is not prepared to respond quickly. Of course, knowing about your security vulnerabilities and patching them before they are attacked is the smartest thing you can do.

However, since no security is 100%, accurate and timely data breach notification is a must so you can limit the damage done. Early discovery of data breaches is especially important with the growing popularity of web apps installed on networks by anyone and everyone.

Avoiding the late night data breach notification

So what can your small IT team do to avoid getting a data breach notification in the middle of the night (or some other inconvenient time)? A cloud-based security solution which includes the following five key elements helps you be prepared:

  1. Asset Discovery
  2. Network Security
  3. Web App Security
  4. Threat Protection
  5. Compliance Monitoring