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Complimentary ISMG Publication

Best Practices to Pass an IT Security Audit

Perception is Truth When it Comes to Being a Data Steward

“A factor that leads to audit failure is organizations that struggle to implement updates from either CIS, NIST or CISA. Another big one is not aligning on what is in scope for the audit. You need to get this correct right out of the gate."

- Josh Hankins, Chief Technical Security Officer, Qualys

Beyond just these monetary damages, there’s also a cost in terms of brand damage, audit failures and lawsuits. These consequences, plus the monetary pieces I just talked about, shape the perception of how an organization handles your data.

In this interview with Josh Hankins, he relates his experience as a 25-year veteran of the IT industry. He learned how security audit failures are increasingly costly and shares his insights about:

  • Factors that lead to failure;
  • The true cost of audit failure;
  • Key points in audit preparation.

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