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Overcome Outdated Processes and Automate IT Risk & Compliance



  • Nick Hayes, Analyst, Forrester
  • Josh Hankins, Information Security Solutions Team Manager, 84.51°

Companies across a wide gamut of industries and regions all strive to effectively manage risk and compliance, but too few actually achieve it. As IT, business, and regulatory environments grow increasingly complex, risk and compliance pros must move past outdated processes and legacy systems to innovate and find ways to achieve higher degrees of efficiency and oversight.

During this webcast, guest speakers Nick Hayes, Analyst at Forrester, and Josh Hankins, Information Security Solutions Manager at 84.51° will discuss how you can overcome outdated processes and automate IT risk and compliance.

This webcast includes a Live Q&A.

You will learn how to:

  • Move up the maturity curve through better program coordination and technology integration.
  • Establish the right metrics to build the business case and showcase continual progress.
  • Bolster future success by prioritizing business agility and data mastery as top strategic objectives.

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Speakers’ Bios

Nick Hayes

Nick Hayes is an Analyst for Forrester serving Security & Risk Professionals. His research is dedicated to helping risk professionals and other business leaders understand and manage customer-facing risks in order to build more resilient brands. He has extensive knowledge of the security, privacy, archiving, and other compliance challenges of social media, as well as the technical controls used to address them. He also specializes in the tools that monitor and analyze social data to improve oversight and mitigation tactics of myriad reputational, third-party, security, and operational risks.

Nick Hayes

Analyst, Forrester

Josh Hankins

Josh Hankins is the Information Security Solutions Team Manager at 84.51° In this role, he is responsible for the technical security oversight and strategic direction for 84.51°'s infrastructure, architecture, and applications. His team also provides internal consulting services within the 84.51° organization. Previously, Josh served as a Security Architect at Accenture and for large superregional bank and credit card processer. He earned a BS from Northern Kentucky University and holds numerous IT certifications, including CISSP and GIAC certifications. Josh resides in the greater Cincinnati area.

Josh Hankins

Information Security Solutions Team Manager, 84.51°