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Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Support Ticket Incident Response Time

Qualys' policy is to respond to all customer cases within 24 hours. An incident ticket is assigned a priority number based on the nature of the issue.

P1 - Critical

  • Outage of the Qualys service
  • Initial Contact: < 2 hours
  • Status Update: 2 hours
  • Management Escalation: Immediate

P2 - High

  • The End-User can access the Qualys service, however one or more significant features are unavailable, such as the ability to launch a scan or map.
  • Initial Contact: < 12 hours
  • Status Update: 12 hours
  • Management Escalation: 12 hours

P3 - Low

  • Other error that does not prevent the End-User from accessing a significant feature of the Qualys service (for example, a false positive, a host impacted by a scan, or a password error)
  • Initial Contact: < 48 hours
  • Status Update: 4 business days
  • Management Escalation: 5 business days

Initial response is defined to be the first contact by a Support Engineer after the incident has been logged and a ticket generated. A status update will be communicated to the customer if the incident cannot be resolved immediately. A final follow-up with the customer occurs on the resolution date. The ticket will remain open until confirmation is received that the customer is satisfied with the resolution.

End-User acknowledges that not all P3 problems will require a workaround. Qualys may, in its reasonable discretion, respond to a P3 problem by making the Error a feature request.

For P1 and P2 incidents, End-User shall initiate contact with Qualys Support via telephone and indicate the probable category of the incident. For P3 incidents, End-User may email or telephone Qualys.