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Cloud Security

Qualys FIM vs Tripwire FIM

Which is better?

Qualys File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) is a highly scalable cloud app that enables a simple way to monitor critical files, directories, and registry paths for changes in real time, and helps adhere to compliance mandates such as PCI-DSS 4.0, PSD2, HIPAA 2023, GDPR, and many others.

Compared to other FIM solutions, it is simple to configure and easy to manage. By rarely generating noise and thereby preventing alert fatigue, Qualys FIM ensures an accurate analysis of the events that matter as required by PCI DSS 4.0 and other regulations.

Using the same cloud agent you’re leveraging for vulnerability, patch, and compliance management, Qualys FIM seamlessly monitors windows and Linux systems for file changes across cloud, on-premises, and forvirtual assets. Book a meeting today with an expert to see how easily switching to Qualys FIM can be.

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Qualys FIM vs Tripwire FIM



Noise-canceling to reduce false alerts

Scalability (support for 10K+ assets)

Single agent 

Efficient Mean time to Respond (MTTR)

Cloud and Linux support

Cost savings

Qualys FIM Benefits

Viable business, low total cost of ownership

Qualys is a profitable company with an excellent industry reputation. Qualys FIM leverages the Qualys Enterprise TruRisk Platform for data storage, correlation, and analysis, eliminating the need for on-premises compute and storage.


Leverage dynamic policy configuration based on asset tags to ensure new assets are discovered and automatically configured for FIM, without IT or the security team’s involvement. Out-of-the-box profiles help in setting the base profile to further reduce onboarding time.

Agent Consolidation

The Qualys Cloud Agent is lightweight and versatile, saving you from deploying and managing multiple point solutions for different security tasks.

Registry Monitoring

Monitoring Profile for Windows Registry Settings allows you to track changes in Windows registry objects so that proactive steps can be taken toward securing your Windows assets. This profile includes the important registry objects to detect unauthorized changes to the autoruns, boot sequence, firewalls, and other critical functionalities.


Ready-to-use profiles are fine-tuned with specific inclusion/exclusion filters ensuring minimal noise (false positives) and send alerts only when required. Qualys customers have reported a 90%+ average reduction in false alerts, dramatically lowering IT support tickets and analyst time and costs.

Integrated threat intelligence

Integrated with threat intelligence for event prioritization and noise reduction, Qualys FIM captures advanced insights into the change events and enables you to adhere to compliance requirements, along with strengthening your overall security posture.

Hear from the experts.

Robert Ayoub, Research Director, IDC

“Deploying FIM via a cloud-based security and compliance platform allows enterprises to easily scale these efforts and take advantage of a consolidated security solution to achieve compliance on a global scale, while reducing the high costs of multiple point products.”