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Qualys v Tenable

See, Assess, and Remediate Threats Faster

Identify threats faster, remediate vulnerabilities more effectively, and streamline workflows between IT and Security teams with one powerful solution for all your vulnerability and patch management needs.


VMDR raises the maturity of our Vulnerability Management program to its next level. It provides focus on actionable issues to drive the reduction of imminent risk without doing the analysis outside of the Qualys platform.

Georges Bellefontaine Georges Bellefontaine Manager of Vulnerability Management at Toyota Financial Services

Side-by-Side Comparison

Let's compare

Capability Qualys Tenable
Threat Detection
Qualys: > 4 hourscheck mark Tenable: 24 hourscheck mark
Automated Patching Qualyscheck mark
Qualyscheck mark
PCI Compliance Included
Qualyscheck mark Add-on
Vulnerability Signature Coverage
Qualyscheck mark Tenablecheck mark
Assessment Methods
Qualyscheck mark Tenablecheck mark
Reporting, Analysis and Metrics
Qualyscheck mark Tenablecheck mark
Cloud and Hypervisor Assessment support
Qualyscheck mark Tenablecheck mark
Secure Configuration Assessment
Qualyscheck mark Tenablecheck mark

Why Qualys stands out

Imagine a security and IT team aligned to see, assess, and remediate vulnerabilities with precision, through a risk-based lens that unifies vulnerability management and patching workflows.

Risk-based Cybersecurity with Qualys TruRisk

Establish a transparent approach to risk scoring that combines real-time intelligence of malware with historical vulnerability data, threats, and assets.

  • 28% fewer critical vulnerabilities
  • risk reduction of 23% and as high as 50%.
  • Intuitive cyber risk-scoring customization capabilities
  • Continuous improvement in compliance and security programs

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Reduced MTTR

Orchestrate security and IT actions through shared insights and clearly delegated actions via one single dashboard. Faster discovery. Faster remediation.

  • 6x faster zero-day threat discovery than
  • 40% faster time-to-remediate vulnerabilities than
  • Lower TCO of vulnerability management and patch management investments (all-in-on solution)

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Cybersecurity Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM) fulfillment

Achieve an enterprise-grade CAASM program that extends the detection and response capabilities of vulnerability management to external, previously unknown assets with VMDR plus CSAM.

  • 100% asset visibility of assets, groups, domains, subdomains, apps, and more!
  • Automated software inventories for EOL and supply-chain security
  • Patching and remediation at scale for both internal and external assets

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Integration with ServiceNow

With a robust ITSM plug-in, integration with ServiceNow provides a single point of service between IT and security teams to discover, analyze, prioritize, patch and close-out vulnerabilities with documentation between all stakeholders.

  • Optimized workflows with clear task delegation and tracking
  • Improved risk posture with ability to prove it to executive stakeholders
  • Reduced friction between security and IT Ops teams

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How should you pick a vulnerability management solution?

Read what our customers say.

Brian Penn, Manager, Security Posture at Aflac

“Qualys VMDR has helped us improve our program by providing additional threat and risk context to better identify high-risk vulnerabilities. The transparency of the rating algorithm also made it easy to justify prioritization and align all relevant security and IT stakeholder so we could move quickly to remediate the risk.”

Sarah Kennedy, Security Vulnerability Engineer at HCA Healthcare

“The biggest thing we see with Qualys is the level of support that we have. We compare the level of support of every company we interact with to Qualys’ level of support. If they’re not going above and beyond like Qualys, it’s just not the same.”

Ævar Svan Sigurðsson, Service Manager at Advania

“We performed a proof-of-concept exercise for the Qualys Cloud Platform, and the solutions ticked all of the boxes. Qualys offers accurate and reliable monitoring of vulnerabilities, with very low rates of false positives; allows for prompt management and resolution of potential threats; and helps us achieve full compliance with our internal and external security standards.”

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