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PCI Partner Quotes

Chief Security Officers selected Qualys because it is the most recognized name in PCI compliance scanning. We have found Qualys tools allow us to perform scans very effectively and efficiently. The staff at Qualys has been very responsive and helpful. Qualys has allowed us to increase our PCI compliance business by over 300% this year.

Kenneth Rowe, Chief Security Officer


PCI compliance is extremely intimidating for organizations relying on the payment card industry for the majority of their transactions. The Qualys PCI On Demand platform reduces the cost and complexity of security and compliance for organizations through the software-as-a-service model.

With its competitive price point, PCI On Demand has enabled CynergisTek to engage with organizations with restricted resources and budgets for IT initiatives to outline an end-to-end strategy for ensuring its continued compliance with PCI regulations.

Dr. Michael G. Mathews, CTO


We always use a large variety of tools and in-house scripts during our network testing assessments, as we want to cover all possible aspects. Qualys is the one tool that we never fail to use when we choose our arsenal.

Georgios Mortakis, CISSP

Enterprise Risk Management

For us, the major advantage of an online service like Qualys PCI is that it's accessible from everywhere in the world. That lets us perform the external network scan as part of our onsite work with a customer. Another advantage is the fact that it is tailored specifically for PCI compliance evaluation, including the reports. That saves us time and saves the customer money.

Stephan Engelke, Security Consultant & PCI Auditor

Excelsis Business Technology

We also like the fact that by using Qualys together with Qualys PCI we can accomplish both the internal and external scanning that are required under PCI with a single solution. They are built on a single database and can be used under a single customer account. All the results are consolidated with a consistent reporting interface and an integrated remediation process. It lets us offer scanning services to our customers that are very appealing in terms of price performance and quality.

Ralph Woern, Director of PCI Audit Service

Excelsis Business Technology

Fishnet Security has partnered with Qualys since March of 2002. As the clear market leader in providing PCI specific vulnerability scanning services, Qualys presents extremely accurate vulnerability scanning results, interactive vulnerability data, PCI specific configuration settings, PCI (per IP) reporting, and valuable trending capabilities. FishNet Security's clients greatly benefit from Qualys' ability to work along side MasterCard and the newly formed PCI Security Standards Council to meet and maintain the PCI Scanning compliance requirements.

Mark Carney, Director of Strategic Solutions

FishNet Security

Net Compliance Solutions relies on technology from Qualys to provide our clients with a robust network vulnerability management solution that adheres to the PCI Standards. In our opinion, Qualys has the finest product available in the market. In addition, their on-going commitment to regulatory compliance and support of the PCI Standards make Qualys an ideal choice for NCS to include as a critical component of our PCI Service.

Gregory P. Ware, President

Net Compliance Solutions

Qualys is our primary assessment tool for our PCI Scanning Service. Qualys is also our solution of choice for acquiring ASV (Approved Scanning Vendors) certification. We have found that most vulnerabilities can be detected using Qualys. We have tried many other scanners, including free tools, but none can compare to Qualys' scanning speed and accuracy.

Mitsunobu Masuda CISSP QSAP, PCI Promotion Section Manager


We find the appliance-based and template driven approach a great way to perform internal and external vulnerability scans for our customers. The automated asset discovery feature makes life a breeze - we typically setup a scan within a matter of minutes, leaving our consultants plenty of time to focus on understanding and presenting results to our customers, and then working with them to ensure their vulnerability and patch management policies meet the strict requirements of PCI DSS

Andrew Henwood, Chief Security Officer

One-SEC Ltd

Qualys also provides the scanning infrastructure for our leading PCI DSS portal. We chose Qualys as it was one of the easiest tools for our developers to integrate, plus Qualys is reknowned in the security industry as having the most accurate and up-to-date vulnerability database.

Andrew Henwood, Chief Security Officer

One-SEC Ltd

We have found that the Qualys assessment tools provide the most accurate logical assessment services available. The reports are clear, professional, and offer numerous data sorting combinations.

Curtis Dalton, Founder

Principle Security Group

After evaluating several competitors, Qualys stood out as the obvious automated scanning solution for us to utilize as a component of our total PCI compliance service offerings. Qualys lets us focus on helping our customers achieve and maintain PCI compliance, and their SAS-70 certification gives us assurance that our clients sensitive information is secure.

Adam Munter, CISSP, President

QuietMove, Inc.

With any assessment tool, we have two major criteria - accuracy and throughness. After testing Qualys against other leading PCI security assessment tools, we found that Qualys was the best in both areas. That made our switch a no-brainer.

Ken Stasiak, Principal


Security-Assessments selected Qualys as the primary scanning product due to the accuracy and quality of the scanning, and the independent 3rd party nature of the scans. This has supported our independent stance, and has enabled us to provide effective value add compliance scanning solutions to our client base.

Peter Benson, CEO

Our customers depend on us because we provide them with best of breed professional services. To meet their PCI scanning needs, we simply must have a best of breed product to offer them. The Qualys solution is unique in its ability to rapidly deliver PCI scanning to our customer base with very little setup or overhead. We've found that bundling our tactical network security assessments with the Qualys PCI scanning to be a highly effective and desirable solution to rapid remediation of our customers security issues.

Steven Andrés, CTO

Special Ops Security

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