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HIPAA Compliance

Vulnerability Management Can Ease Healthcare Security and Policy Compliance Efforts

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Establishing a secure healthcare IT system is growing more demanding by the day. For healthcare providers, insurers, and others involved in the delivery and management of medical care, it's not enough to just be secure: the level of IT security needs to be verifiable to both internal and external auditors.

For providers who are specifically feeling the crush of budget restrictions and staff cut-backs, maintaining a secure IT infrastructure requires a creative approach to vulnerability and compliance reporting. 

Qualys Vulnerability Management enables organizations of all sizes to successfully achieve both vulnerability management and policy compliance efforts, while cutting costs and streamlining operations. With Qualys Vulnerability Management, you can:

  • Revolutionize your security and compliance processes with the IT security industry’s most integrated cloud platform
  • Monitor vulnerabilities over time and manage exceptions
  • Customize comprehensive reports
  • Get accurate security assessments 

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