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It can be very difficult for businesses to stand in conformity with IT security policies, but it's a necessary undertaking. IT staff face mounting challenges and require the capacity to run a programmed port scan to test their firewall, in addition to scanning the network and web applications.

Qualys' cloud-based solutions accurately scan your network, servers, desktops or web apps for security vulnerabilities. Scanning takes just minutes to find out where you're at risk.

For example, Qualys FreeScan provides fast and accurate scanning for security vulnerabilities, producing a very low rate of false positives.

With Qualys FreeScan, you can quickly:

Scan computers and apps in your network

Detect security vulnerabilities and the necessary patches

See interactive scan reports by threat

Test websites and apps for malware

Test computers against SCAP security benchmarks

If you have a web browser, that's all you need to test your firewall with a free port scan today!