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Penetration Testing

Uncover the Limitations in Your Web Apps

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Web applications are a new attack vista that live outside of the typical control of network managers. Qualys built cloud-based Web Application Security for the best in website penetration testing.

Qualys Web Application Scanning (WAS) continuously discovers, catalogs, and scans all of your web apps for liabilities and website misconfigurations. The automated web applications security testing service enables testing that produces dependable results and easily guards a large number of websites.

Qualys WAS helps you reduce risk by automatically finding the official and “unofficial” apps that may be hiding in your environment.

Web Application Scanning lets you:

  1. Scale – Global scalability and manageability
  2. Discover – Automated, dynamic deep scanning
  3. Assess – Scan apps everywhere, accurately, and efficiently
  4. Prioritize – Identify serious business risks and take action

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