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Security Teams Need Vulnerability Management Solutions to Beat Network Threats

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To a cybercriminal, vulnerabilities on a network are a portal to high-value assets. These vulnerabilities are obviously targets for exploitation. They can lead to unauthorized entry into a network, exposing confidential information, providing fuel for stolen identities, triggering theft of business secrets, violation of privacy provisions of laws and regulations, or the paralyzing of business operations. This is why network security procedures are important.

Qualys' on-demand solution for vulnerability management provides an automated way to identify vulnerabilities, track remediation, reduce network security risks, and reporting necessary to meet IT policy compliance requirements. Qualys Vulnerability Management (VM) is a software-as-a-service solution that is a vital part of comprehensive network security.

With Qualys VM you can:

  • Identify and fix flaws in the software that will affect network security
  • Continuously address new security threats
  • Change software configurations to make them less susceptible to attacks
  • Enable the effective improvement and management of network security risks

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