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Security Teams Need the Right Tools to Address Network Threats

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IT security departments face a tremendous struggle daily. They are challenged to prioritize vulnerability remediation tasks, which is a huge chore due to new cyber-threats being uncovered every day.

Even with the best network security protocols, no IT department has enough personnel and resources to quickly fix every flaw within their network. They have to make some possibly dangerous compromises in how and when to address the security holes that are so intriguing to hackers. 

Qualys Threat Protectionion offers a Live Threat Intelligence Feed where Qualys Cloud Platform engineers continuously validate and rate new threats from internal and extraneous sources. The feed also shows how many of your assets are impacted by each threat, and enables you to drill down into the assets for remediation.

With Qualys Threat Protectionion you can:

  • See your entire threat position at a glance with dynamic dashboards
  • Get alerted when new active threats surface in your environment, and when your user-defined thresholds are met
  • Measure your progress and remediation efforts with real-time trend analysis
  • Drill down and fine-tune results using sort, tags, filters or specific vulnerabilities
  • Share search results through Qualys APIs

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