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HIPAA Compliance

Qualys Vulnerability Management Revolutionizes Both Healthcare Security and Policy Compliance

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Qualys respects your privacy.

Healthcare organizations in America that store, process, or share personal health information (PHI) are required to adhere to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements and protect all patient data. 

The Qualys approach to IT security and compliance enables healthcare institutions of all sizes to successfully achieve both vulnerability management and policy compliance initiatives cohesively, while reducing costs and streamlining operations. 

Qualys Vulnerability Management offers these benefits:

  • Revolutionizing both security and compliance with the industry’s most integrated, scalable, and extensible cloud platform
  • Uncovering forgotten devices and organizing your host assets according to their role in your business
  • Identifying the highest business risks using trend analysis, zero-day and patch impact predictions
  • Customized comprehensive reports that document progress for IT, business executives and auditors

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