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HIPAA Compliance

Qualys Provides Automated Healthcare Security and Policy Compliance

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HIPAA compliance is a necessary component of running a business in the healthcare industry. It impacts medical organizations of all sizes, including commercial enterprises and government agencies. 

Any healthcare corporation that handles personal health information (PHI) is compelled to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and safeguard all patient data. Almost all of these medical institutions require outside assistance in achieving compliance. For those organizations that are using the AWS cloud, Qualys has a solution that can assist: Qualys Cloud Platform.

Qualys’ partnership with Amazon will allow you to use our cloud platform to get a constant, integrated view of your security and compliance posture in AWS EC2 instances.

Qualys' deep integration with AWS permits you to:

  • Run automated EC2 inventory scans using the native Qualys Connector for AWS
  • Scan internally using Qualys’ Virtual Scanner Appliance deployed on Amazon EC2 Classic; VPC; or Qualys Cloud agents on the EC2 instances
  • Do perimeter scanning of public-facing instances in Amazon EC2 from Qualys Internet Remote Scanners
  • Employ the Qualys Web Application Firewall (WAF) to safeguard your apps from cyber attacks and data breaches

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