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PCI DSS Assessment

Qualys PCI Compliance Solution Helps You with Regulations

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Compliance with PCI DSS, the standard that guides organizations on ensuring payment cardholder data security, can be a tremendous challenge. PCI DSS requirements and security assessment procedures can be time-consuming and daunting due to the scope of the regulation.

Your compliance program should be able to deploy controls that meet PCI DSS requirements, as well as provide a method for regularly auditing the status of those controls.

Qualys PCI Compliance simplifies these herculean tasks by providing easy-to-use reporting and identification of vulnerabilities. This cloud-based solution leverages the same infrastructure and technology as Qualys Vulnerability Management, which is used by thousands of organizations around the world today to protect their networks from vulnerabilities that can be exploited by attackers.

Qualys PCI Compliance features:

  • Auto-submit compliance status directly to bank
  • Quickly eliminate security threats with detailed remediation
  • Secure web applications to meet PCI 6.6 requirements
  • Achieve PCI compliant status and secure your network

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