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Qualys Helps You Keep Your Assets Safe with a Free Inventory Service

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Qualys respects your privacy.

Most institutions use open source software in day-to-day operations and in products. Many security issues are too big for one entity to decipher. Industry and community collaboration are the key to solving some of the most challenging security issues. Qualys collaborates with other companies and institutions to battle cybercrime and even offers free services to assist organizations in defending themselves.

For example: Qualys Asset Inventory is a cloud-based IT asset management and inventory service that helps your company when you're searching for information on the assets you have.

Asset Inventory key features include these highlights:

  • Export search results 
  • Easily save and recall complex queries 
  • Search capabilities leveraging advanced elastic search queries that can be built to focus on the most complex sets of data
  • Share saved searches with other users

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