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Perform a Security Test on Your Web Apps for Complete Protection

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To protect your organization's network, you need comprehensive web application security testing tools that will continuously discover and explore your apps for vulnerabilities and website configuration errors.

Test your web app security to identify vulnerabilities like Web Application Scanning, cross-site scripting and SQL injection.

Qualys Web Application Scanning is a an automated service that enables regular web app security testing with consistent results, low incidence of false positives, and can easily scale to secure a large number of websites. Proactively scan your websites for malware infections, and alert the appropriate staff to prevent blacklisting and damage to your brand reputation.

Qualys Web Application Scanning features:

  • Global scalability and manageability — Reduce risk by automatically finding the official and unofficial applications that may be hiding in your environment
  • Automated, dynamic deep scanning — Quickly get visibility into vulnerabilities in your apps with the industry-leading scanning solution
  • Efficient, accurate app scanning, everywhere — Test all apps on your perimeter and internal networks, remote or mobile devices, and in elastic cloud environments

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