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A New Visibility & Control Solution to Keep Your Assets Safe

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Globalization, virtualization, and mobile assets such as laptops and tablets are creating new endpoints on enterprise networks. This makes it harder than ever for organizations to know what IT assets exist in their environment and whether any security risks exist for those assets. In addition, hackers have found new opportunities to infiltrate organizations and access sensitive data.


IT teams are looking to move beyond traditional scanner-based approaches to efficiently tackle endpoint security, but are often challenged with getting full visibility and control of all IT assets needed to maintain security and compliance within their organization.

Qualys Asset Inventory is a complementary service that provides a continuously updated inventory of asset details, globally scaling to millions of assets, making it useful for even the largest enterprise environments.

With Asset Inventory you can get:

• Fast, accurate and actionable data with minimal impact on your systems and networks

• A handle on your virtualized environments with ease

• A constant view of your network providing the visibility needed to keep assets secure

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