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More Monitoring and Less Auditing in Qualys' Approach to Network Security

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Which would your business prefer? Continuous auditing or continuous monitoring? 

Managing security across a complex network is time-consuming and costly for any business. Continuous security monitoring can reduce auditing costs and accelerate the launch of new services.

According to cyber security professionals, the best defense today is to spot threats as soon as they appear and audit unforeseen changes in your network before they can be damaged. 

Qualys Continuous Monitoring (CM) is a next-generation cloud service that identifies threats before they turn into breaches. 

Continuous Monitoring presents a new approach to network security, allowing you to immediately identify and proactively address potential problems such as:

1. Unexpected Hosts/Operating Systems

2. Expiring SSL Certificates

3. Inadvertently Left Open Ports

4. Severe Vulnerabilities

5. Undesired Software

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