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Qualys respects your privacy.

Qualys is a cyber security company that was born in the cloud with a completely fresh approach. The Qualys Cloud Platform lets you see your network the way hackers do. It gives you a continuous view of your security and compliance landscape, including all of your internet-connected devices and web applications.

The Qualys Cloud Platform of integrated solutions provides businesses with asset discovery, network security, web application security, Threat Protection, and compliance monitoring. It scales from one to a million users, from a single office to a global network, which is why the majority of Forbes Global 100 and more than 9,300 organizations of all sizes around the world trust Qualys to secure their IT infrastructure.

What makes Qualys unique:

  • Affordable — No hardware to buy or maintain. It's all in the cloud
  • Fully Automated — Scans, organizes, prioritizes, and reports
  • Accurate — Tells you what you need to know, with Six Sigma accuracy
  • Highly Scalable — Scales to the largest of businesses.
  • Easy to Use — Security from any web browser
  • Market Leader — Consistently ranks #1

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