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IT Personnel Require the Right Security to Vanquish Cyber Threats

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Organizations that fail to properly prioritize vulnerability remediation open themselves up to cyber attacks. That’s because organizations face an abundance of vulnerabilities, some of which are trivial and some of which pose a significant risk. Without a network scanner to give you the knowledge of what to tackle first, organizations can become overwhelmed, and high-risk vulnerabilities can easily remain unaddressed.

One of the most demanding challenges faced by IT security teams today is figuring out how to quickly prioritize their vulnerability remediation work. Qualys Threat Protection continuously scans external threat data against your internal vulnerabilities and flags the threats that require immediate remediation.

Qualys Threat Protection helps you:

  • See a list of vulnerabilities that pose an immediate risk to your business
  • See how your systems are exposed to active threats
  • Measure your progress and remediation efforts with real-time trend analysis
  • Google-like ad hoc queries to identify vulnerable devices

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