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Inventorying IT Assets - A Necessary First Step in Robust Cyber Security

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Automated asset inventorying might not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering cutting-edge security technologies. In the context of today’s distributed enterprise, however, it’s essential. 

Since the apps, systems, and services your staff access to conduct business are already in the cloud, it makes sense to consider looking to cloud-based technologies to keep track of them all.

For the security and compliance professional, it’s critical to have access to a reliable and accurate asset inventory, especially when investigating security incidents, verifying and demonstrating compliance.

Qualys Asset Inventory, a cloud-based asset inventory service provides visibility and actionable data on global IT assets within an organization.

With Asset Inventory, you can:

  • Pinpoint and prioritize vulnerabilities that are actively being exploited
  • Find unauthorized software
  • Discover and alert on policy violations
  • Reconcile software asset licensing costs
  • Automatically assess assets for vulnerabilities and insecure configurations

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