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Network Security

Identifying the Network Threats to Address First and Foremost

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IT security threats can come from anywhere and at any time, so network security needs to be continuous, scalable, extensible and comprehensive.

Constant monitoring of IT assets is essential so that you can be alerted to unexpected network changes, and quickly identify and remediate critical vulnerabilities.

Qualys Continuous Monitoring is a cloud-based solution that helps IT professionals like you track what happens within your internal IT environment, and internet-facing devices throughout your DMZs and cloud environments, anywhere in the world.

With Qualys Continuous Monitoring, you can keep watch on:

  • Hosts & Devices — See whenever systems appear, disappear, or are running unexpected OSes
  • Digital Certificates — Track SSL certificates used on systems to know if they are weak or self-signed, and when they're due to expire
  • Ports & Services — Keep tabs on which network ports are open, which protocols are used, and whether they change over time
  • Vulnerabilities on Hosts or in Apps — Know when potential or confirmed vulnerabilities appear (or reappear), how severe they are, whether they can be exploited, and if patches are available
  • Applications Installed on Perimeter Systems — Find out when apps are installed or removed from these systems

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