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Network Security

How to Keep Your Network Secure – Continuously

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The World Economic Forum’s 2016 Global Risks Report says cyberattacks are one of the top threats for 27 economies around the world. 

Cypercrime risks grow as Internet technology continues to make inroads into business processes and mobile devices. When network security controls aren’t continuous, then the network is not well protected.

Network security solutions

Qualys Continuous Monitoring is a network security solution that sits upon the Qualys Cloud Platform. This allows it to be integrated with other solutions and continuously detect and protect against attacks.

Continuous Monitoring offers a novel way to handle vulnerability management and network security. It permits you to quickly identify and proactively remediate potential issues. 

The Qualys Continuous Monitoring solution:

  • Needs zero special hardware
  • Sets up with a couple of clicks
  • Complements the speed of deployment with unparalleled scalability
  • Detects changes in your network and immediately notifies the IT staff responsible for the affected assets

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