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Formulate a Quick Response Plan to Mitigate a Data Breach

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In order to survive a data breach attack, small and medium-sized enterprises need a solid data breach response plan that is lightning fast. A single data breach can destroy a SME that has not prepared a quick response plan.

Of course, knowing your organization's security liabilities and fixing them before an attack and thus making a data breach response plan unnecessary, is the best of all worlds.

Since 100% security is never possible, having a response plan in place is mandatory to mitigate the damage done by cybercriminals. With the growing popularity of web apps on networks, the importance of having the highest level of security and a strong data breach response plan cannot be overstated.

We recommend checking out Qualys Express to consider it as part of your proactive plan. It is a cloud-based security and Qualys Cloud Platform that has these key features:

• Asset Management

• Network Security

• Compliance Testing

• Web Application Security

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