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A Digital Asset Management System to Keep Your Assets Safe

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For effective endpoint security and compliance, you need comprehensive asset visibility and control. This requires a digital asset management system that gives you a complete, accurate and detailed inventory of your IT assets wherever they are located: on-premises, in cloud instances, or on mobile endpoints.

To achieve a consistent view of your continually changing IT environment, you need active mapping and continuous monitoring. Otherwise, your vulnerability management decisions will be based on incomplete, inaccurate and outdated information, which puts your organization at an elevated risk of breaches.

Qualys Asset Inventory is a cloud-based IT asset inventory service that lets your company search for intelligence on any valuable asset where an agent is deployed, scaling to millions of assets for organizations of all sizes. Global IT assets can be searched in seconds and an up-to-date inventory is continuously maintained – no polling is required.

With Qualys Asset Inventory you get:

  • Real-time risk reporting
  • Real-time queries for installed software across all your systems
  • Centralized view of your organization's security and compliance posture
  • To track the constant proliferation of virtual images throughout the environment

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