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Continuous Monitoring to Uncover Risks to Your Network Security

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According to IT security experts, the best defense today is to spot perils immediately and look for unexpected changes to your systems before they can be compromised. 

Qualys Continuous Monitoring (CM) enables you to have the most comprehensive and up-to-date view of your entire organization. It detects changes in your network before they can be exploited and immediately notifies the IT staff responsible for the affected assets so they can take appropriate action.

Built on the world’s top cloud security and compliance platform, Qualys Continuous Monitoring (CM) requires no special hardware and can be set up with a few simple clicks. 

With Continuous Monitoring, you can:

  • Prevent breaches - Discover threats and unexpected changes before the hackers do
  • Maintain up-time - Catch expiring SSL certificates before service gets disrupted
  • Achieve compliance best practices - Gain immediate visibility without waiting for periodic scans
  • Save time and money - Quickly identify highest priorities for IT security teams

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