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HIPAA Compliance

Conforming to HIPAA Regulations -A Must for Healthcare Organizations

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Qualys respects your privacy.

Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations are a fact of life for healthcare workers. The adherence that matters most is following the laws and regulations that relate to patient data and the use of information technology.

Qualys Policy Compliance is a fully automated, agent-less method for meeting requirements of policy compliance like those of HIPAA and provides:

  • Graphical scorecard reports that allow you to examine multiple policies at once and see how compliance varied across different technologies and groups of assets
  • A way of addressing violations quickly, before they do damage
  • A method for extracting passwords dynamically from 3rd-party credential management systems and use privilege escalation systems such as “sudo"
  • A way for monitoring arbitrary files on Windows and Unix/Linux hosts for changes so that unexpected modifications can be caught quickly

No matter what type of healthcare organization you work for, Qualys Policy Compliance helps safeguard patient data. It provides proof of compliance to HIPAA while reducing the risk of both internal and external threats. See how this compliance software can help your company with our full-trial offer.