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Cloud Tools to Ease Updates on Patch Tuesday

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Qualys respects your privacy.

Does Patch Tuesday scramble your IT team each month? Find missing updates and patches in just minutes for all your critical software. Fix your organization's PCs and check again to verify that they're up to date.

With Qualys, you don't have to wait until emergencies erupt to start protecting yourself. Its predictive intelligence lets you see immediately – without waiting for new scans – which computers need updates after each month’s Patch Tuesday. You can even find out quickly which systems might be at risk whenever new Zero-Day attacks are discovered.

With the Qualys Cloud Platform you will enjoy these powerful features:

  • Accelerate and automate PCI compliance
  • Verify usage of password controls
  • Audit computer configurations for compliance with security policies
  • Dynamically block attackers from abusing your web apps
  • Find malware & vulnerabilities hiding in your website

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