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Improperly secured web applications make an attractive attack target for hackers, and a convenient opening into your IT systems. Often, web apps are riddled with vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. When breached, they can expose massive amounts of confidential business data, costing companies millions of dollars per incident.

Qualys Web Application Security provides cloud-based integrated solutions for automating web app security, shielding web servers from hackers, eradicating malware from your websites, and increasing the security of your software development lifecycle.

Qualys Web Application Security offers the following benefits:

  • Scale and cut costs — Cloud automation, ho hardware to deploy. No specialized expertise required.
  • Find hidden malware — Automatically find and eradicate malware infections on your website
  • Identify OWASP Top 10 threats — Accurately find the most critical vulnerabilities and learn how to eliminate them
  • Block direct attacks on app servers — Detect vulnerabilities and protect against exploits, all from one place

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