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Cloud Security Challenges in a Perimeter-less World

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Web applications have emerged as the “new perimeter.” Organizations must come to grips with the fact that they have as many perimeters as they have web applications, causing the number of security vulnerabilities potentially providing hackers with unauthorized access to IT systems to explode. It’s no longer sufficient to build a strong network security perimeter and neglect the security of internal networks and devices.

Qualys provides a suite of cloud-based web application security solutions to meet the unique security challenges that come with increased adoption of cloud and hybrid infrastructures.

Qualys Web App Security includes:

  • Web Application Scanning crawls and tests custom web applications to identify vulnerabilities, while its extensive APIs let you integrate scan data with other security systems.
  • Web Application Firewall blocks attacks on web server vulnerabilities, and lets you control where and when your applications are accessed.
  • Malware Detection proactively scans an organization's customer-facing websites for infections, triggers automated alerts, and generates detailed reports.

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