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Cloud Security Best Practices - Monitor unexpected changes in your network

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IT security best practices call for highly accurate scanning capabilities to detect malware infections and vulnerabilities in websites and across your entire IT environment.

Qualys Continuous Monitoring is a cloud-based service that identifies threats and monitors your network for unexpected changes before they can be exploited. Then, it alerts the most appropriate IT staff to address problems.

Qualys Continuous Monitoring enables you to immediately identify and proactively address potential problems, such as:

  • Unexpected Hosts & OSes — See whenever systems appear, disappear, or are running unexpected operating systems
  • Expiring SSL Certificates — Track SSL certificates used on systems to know when they’re due to expire, and if they're weak or self-signed
  • Inadvertently Open Ports — Keep tabs on which network ports are open, which protocols are used, and whether they change over time
  • Severe Vulnerabilities — Know when vulnerabilities appear, how severe they are, whether they can be exploited, and if patches are available
  • Undesired Software — Find out when application software is installed or removed from your systems

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