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PCI DSS Compliance

The Best Way to Comply with PCI DSS Regulations

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If your company processes credit card payments, then you likely know about the requirements outlined in PCI DSS (the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). 

PCI compliance failure can result in fines or even expulsion from credit card acceptance programs. Most companies don’t have a simple and efficient way to process quarterly audits to show they are compliant with the standard and must outsource the task. There are PCI compliance tools that can make this task easier and faster, allowing for it to be brought in-house.

Cloud-based PCI Compliance tool

Qualys PCI Compliance is a cloud-based tool that provides the easiest, most cost-effective, and highly-automated way to maintain compliance with PCI DSS.

With Qualys PCI Compliance, there is no software to deploy or maintain. It uses the same scanning technology and infrastructure as our industry-leading Qualys Vulnerability Management (VM). It allows merchants and member service providers to submit their PCI compliance self-assessment questionnaires and process network and web application security scans to easily identify and eliminate security issues.

Qualys PCI Compliance features:

  • Auto-submit compliance to your banks
  • Achieving compliance without costly outside assistance
  • Automated scans with Six-Sigma accuracy
  • Precise instructions to efficiently eliminate security threats
  • Streamlined process to provide confidence that your network is highly secure

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