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E-commerce has certainly changed in the past decade. Ten years ago, most e-commerce sales involved relatively inexpensive items: books, CDs, clothing, and other goods that were easy to sell and ship online. Today, consumers are much more apt to buy complex, big-ticket items online, including furniture, automobiles, and other "non-impulse" purchases.

IT security teams are under constant pressure, trying to monitor their IT infrastructure and keeping their network secure. They must prioritize network vulnerability remediation tasks because new threats are uncovered continuously.

Qualys Threat Protectionion handles evolving threats by correlating active threats against your vulnerabilities, so you know which vulnerabilities to fix first.

Threat Protectionion allows you to:

  • See a list of vulnerabilities each day that pose an imminent risk to your business
  • Quickly see how your systems are exposed to active threats such as zero-days, denial-of-service attacks, actively attacked vulnerabilities, easy exploits requiring little skills, vulnerabilities lacking a patch, and many more
  • Generate scan and patch reports for other stakeholders
  • Be forewarned when new hazards surface in your surroundings, and when your user-defined thresholds are met

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