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Know whether users are keeping your computers up-to-date

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BrowserCheck Business Edition is the easiest way to ensure browsers & plug-ins within your organization are up-to-date with the latest security patches.,
March 29, 2013

Automation and Simplicity

Continuously monitor browser software, plugins, OS settings and security patches

BrowserCheck Business Edition continuously monitors which browsers, plugins, OS settings and patches are on your users’ computers and shows you when they need updating. It even prompts users to fix out-of-date software, so you don't have to.

It frees you from having to guess whether your machines are vulnerable to the latest problems in Java, Flash, Adobe Reader or other browser-based plugins.

Screenshot of BrowserCheck web console

Manage BrowserCheck from an interactive Web console

With BrowserCheck Business Edition’s web console, you can:

  • Get an MSI file for pushing BrowserCheck to users’ computers.
  • Set how often users’ computers should be scanned.
  • Control whether scan results are displayed to users or just to IT.
  • View executive dashboards of your overall security.
  • Drill into what browsers software and updates are on each of your computers.
  • Find unauthorized browsers or plugins.
  • Examine past scans to see how a machine has been updated.

Automatically deploy BrowserCheck to users

Push BrowserCheck to users’ PCs using a Microsoft Installer (MSI) file with your favorite software deployment tools give users a link to click.

BrowserCheck currently performs full scanning on Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome on Windows and Safari, Chrome and Firefox on MacOS.

BrowserCheck Screenshot

Scan every day, week or month — without interrupting users

Choose whether users’ computers are scanned every day, week or month. These scans happen automatically and silently, without depending upon users to take action.

Monitor what’s on users‘ computers

Track the results of each scan automatically and securely in BrowserCheck Business Edition’s web console. You can view summaries of what’s on all of your computers, or drill down to see which versions of browsers, plugins and updates are on specific machines.

Be notified when software needs updating

Optionally have BrowserCheck notify users whenever problems are found so that they can see what’s out-of-date and download any necessary patches.

See whether browsers & plugins are up-to-date

With the web console, you can examine the results of current and past scans for any machine. In addition, whenever BrowserCheck finds problems on a user’s computer, it can optionally display a concise, color-coded chart to that user showing what needs to be updated.

Check OS security settings and find missing OS updates

Browsers and plugins are only as secure as the computer they’re running on. BrowserCheck’s scans can show you and your users whether each machine’s OS is properly configured for security and has the latest updates.

Click “Fix It” to download needed updates

BrowserCheck knows when new versions of browsers, plugins, and OS updates become available – and where they should be downloaded from. Simply click “Fix It” to get the latest version, directly from vendors’ official sites.

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