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Complimentary Analyst Report

Omdia “On the Radar” Report: Discover & Manage Cybersecurity Risks in IT Assets

Complimentary Analyst Report

Traditional IT inventory tools focus on IT visibility but fail to deliver information on cyber threats. Security teams need a way to go beyond static asset inventory to understand the security context.

That's why prominent industry analyst firm Omdia recommends that enterprise security pros put Qualys Cybersecurity Asset Management (CSAM) on their radar. CSAM helps organizations to discover and manage cybersecurity risks across all their IT assets.

In this report you learn how to:

  • Build a comprehensive Inventory to identify managed and unmanaged assets
  • Sync asset data with your CMDB
  • Detect at-risk assets and applications with contextual intelligence
  • Alert, report, and respond to identified security risks

Protect your organization's "crown jewels". These mission-critical data assets and repositories are critical to your continued operation and would likely cause severe damage if compromised.

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