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Cloud Security

Complimentary White Paper 

See the Big Picture With a Unified View of Risk Across Cloud and SaaS Environments

The rapid expansion of multi-cloud environments and SaaS applications complicates and increases the cost of managing cyber risk. Most enterprises now use multiple cloud providers, with a significant number using four or more. The number of SaaS applications used by organizations has also surged. Traditional security tools struggle to address the new threats emerging from these developments. 

This complimentary white paper highlights:

Siloed Risk Views: Enterprises often manage risk using separate solutions for different environments, leading to fragmented data and making it hard to prioritize and address vulnerabilities effectively. 

Threat Horizon Expansion: The growth of public cloud use and advanced attack tools, including AI, has increased vulnerabilities. Misconfigurations in cloud settings are common, and traditional security tools are often inadequate. 

Introducing  Qualys TotalCloud 2.0 with TruRisk Insights offering a comprehensive solution to unify risk management across cloud and SaaS environments. Key features include: 

Unified View of Risk: Integrates various security tools to provide a single, prioritized risk view, allowing better resource allocation and quicker response to critical threats. 

AI-Powered Threat Detection: Uses AI to improve and speed up threat detection and response, reducing the chances of successful attacks. 

Cloud-Native Security with FlexScan: Provides a thorough vulnerability assessment through multiple scanning methods, enhancing security accuracy.

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