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IDC Report: Qualys Joins the Big Leagues in Attack Surface Management

Outside-In view and attack path modeling is a natural extension of vulnerability management

The IDC Link report on Qualys’ move into Attack Surface Management notes EASM is the last variable accounted for, and thus a natural extension to vulnerability management. Qualys CSAM delivers the outside view of any given asset with attack path modeling to show defenders how an attacker might access an asset as well as the potential blast radius of attacks.

Qualys is making ASM a part of its CSAM 2.0 product as it sees asset management and patch management as very complementary to its VMDR solution. Together, the three solutions, with their natively integrated workflow provide value for customers interested in consolidating vendors and moving away from point product solutions.

Qualys respects your privacy.

“Qualys’ unique approach to EASM is integrating the internal and external asset data from CyberSecurity Attack Management with its Vulnerability Management, Detection and Response (VMDR) solution into a single view. As a result, organizations can better identify undiscovered assets and immediately access and mitigate the cyber risk within the same workflow.”

- Michelle Abraham, Research Director, Security and Trust at IDC