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    Advanced endpoint threat protection, improved threat context, and alert prioritization

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Cloud Security

SolarWinds/FireEye Compromise

Free 60-Day Vulnerability Management, Detection & Response Service

Assess your exposure and mitigate or patch affected systems remotely with one click

To help security teams affected by the recent SolarWinds / FireEye breaches, Qualys is offering a new integrated service at no cost for 60 days to mitigate your security risk. Register to join us on December 24 at 9am PT to watch the advisory webinar and live demo.

With the new service you can:

Discover all affected devices and active services

Get real-time visibility across your global hybrid infrastructure to discover all assets, running software, and services including compromised versions of SolarWinds and VMware applications

Assess and prioritize threats

View all critical vulnerabilities/CVEs along with threat prioritization of Solorigate/SUNBURST indicators and an appropriate list of patches

Respond remotely with one-click patching and configuration

Automatically correlate required patches with identified vulnerabilities, and prioritize detected malware

Detect impacted files and IOCs

Automatically find impacted files and IOCs related to SolarWinds applications and FireEye compromised Red Team tools in real time and remove them while killing the malicious processes or closing the suspicious network connections

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