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Cloud Security

Reduce Ransomware Risk

60-Day No-Cost Ransomware Risk Assessment & Remediation Service

Assess and remediate ransomware exposure

The Ransomware Risk Assessment Service leverages Qualys' leading-edge security research and CISA, MS-ISAC and NIST guidance to proactively identify, prioritize, track, and remediate assets exposed to ransomware attacks. A single, dynamic dashboard allows users to view critical ransomware risk exposures and drive prioritized remediation workflows to continuously monitor for ransomware risk. The service includes -

Identification of Internet Facing Assets and Security Blind Spots

Continuously discover and inventory your internet exposed assets or those with open RDP. Additionally, get alerts for detection of risky or unauthorized software and for assets not running anti-virus.  

Clear Insights Into Ransomware Exposure

Expertly researched ransomware-specific vulnerabilities and misconfigurations and a prioritized list of missing patches so security teams can take immediate steps to reduce ransomware risk.

Integrated Patch Deployment

Integrated zero-touch patch workflows automatically patch and remediate assets without requiring a VPN for ransomware related vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. Additionally, automatic patching keeps your prioritized list of software always up to date.

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