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Qualys Industrial Control Security

Get real-time visibility of critical industrial assets and manage their vulnerabilities

Qualys ICS is an asset inventory and vulnerability management platform that offers real-time visibility into critical industrial infrastructure. Our Industrial Control System (ICS) security solutions increase the safety of OT environments by providing comprehensive visibility over asset tracking and vulnerability management.


Within the OT environment, it gives a holistic view of all the vulnerabilities that are detected across the entire networks of devices assets like Programming Logic Controllers (PLCs), IP-based Sensors, Robots, Drivers, and many more.

Multi-site Management

Ensures multiple plant locations can automatically be centrally managed without added deployments, making security simpler, more effective, and less costly.

User-friendly UI

With an intuitive, single-pane-of-glass user interface for all its apps, it lets you customize dashboards, drill down into details, and generate reports for teammates and auditors.

One-stop place

Authenticated Scans can be triggered for all industrial endpoints with operating systems like Windows, Linux, and others. This is a safe way of getting software vulnerabilities.

Proactively addresses vulnerabilities

ICS Continuous Monitoring will help you proactively address potential threats whenever new vulnerabilities appear, with real-time alerts to let you know at once.

Risk-score based Vulnerability Management

Risk scores are based on asset criticality, the severity of the vulnerability, and the availability of redundancy for the asset to aid with better prioritization and remediation actions.

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