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Compliance Audit

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Test your computers to see if they comply with security configuration benchmarks, such as the USGCB required by many US federal agencies.

  • Easily check if your computers are securely configured.
  • Compare against industry benchmarks of best practices.
  • Learn how to fix vulnerabilities and policy violations.
  • View detailed pass/fail information in interactive reports.
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More About SCAP Compliance Audit

Safely and accurately scan your computers for potential security risks and experience what the award-winning Qualys security and compliance suite can do for you.


The SCAP Compliance Audit is powered by Qualys FreeScan, a free security tool that may be used to perform up to ten (10) unique security scans of business networks, computers and applications.

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Compliance Score

View the overall compliance score along with detailed information for each of the rules defined in the selected benchmark.


Detail View

View all, compliant, non-compliant and ignored rules.

Rules Filter

For each rule, view detailed evidence collected by the scan, including the logic used.

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