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It’s free, all you need is a browser!

Does Patch Tuesday scramble your IT team each month? Find missing updates and patches in just minutes for Microsoft Windows as well as Oracle Java, Adobe Flash and Adobe Reader. Fix your organization's PCs and check again to verify they're up-to-date.

  • Use regularly to see which PCs need updating.
  • Understand which vulnerabilities the patches fix.
  • Download and install them.
  • Know that your business computers are up-to-date.
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More About Patch Tuesday PC Audit

Safely and accurately scan your computers and networks for potential security risks and experience what the award-winning Qualys Security and Compliance Suite can do for you.

Patch Tuesday is powered by Qualys FreeScan, a free security tool that may be used to perform up to ten (10) unique security scans of business networks, computers and applications.

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